Thank you to our volunteer parents!

For complete information of the program and menus, please consult the following link:  Hot Lunch Program Information for 2018/2019

The program will be offered four days a week at attractive prices as a benefit to the Cousteau community.  The price of regular size entrees begin at $3.65 including tax.

The program includes:  

  • A local vendor:Well Fed, a local company that is proud to prepare nutritious food in-house whose packaging is 100% recyclable and/or compostable
  • An After-School Snack Program where parents may order healthy snacks for students participating in after-school programs.
  • Flat Fee of $5 per student to participate in the Hot Lunch and Snack Program this school year.  This is a one time fee which enables the food to be priced affordably and assists with covering credit card transaction costs, banking costs, and potentially provides a small amount of capital to purchase items such as coolers bags.

Important dates & Information to remember

Please contact if you wish to register for the Hot Lunch Program.

Order hot lunch now

Remember to choose sides appropriately – “WITH LUNCH” or “AFTER-SCHOOL SNACK”

The mandatory $ 5 flat fee per student must be chosen and paid so that your order can be processed.

Credit Card payment must be received on or before the ordering deadline (no cheques)

Please PACK CUTLERY and a LUNCH BOX to bring hot lunch & snack containers home.

ALLERGIES: We strongly advise that if your child has a mild to severe allergy or has several food allergies to please send food from home.

Please note that allergies are those that have been indicated in the Medical Emergency Plan that you have provided for the school and those that present a life-threatening risk for your child.

Personal food preferences should not be indicated as allergies. Each menu has a variety of options to satisfy any personal choice.

Should the parent chose to enroll the child in the Hot Lunch Program, it is the parent’s responsibility to register any allergy in the “allergies” section on Munchalunch so that the information can be available to the provider and hot lunch volunteers in case of a problem.

Bon appétit !