Middle School: Grade 6 to 9

Middle School is the next step in the student’s academic journey. Having acquired the building blocks of learning  in Elementary School, students enter Grade 6 ready to embark on a whole new adventure. At Cousteau, the Middle School curriculum continues to emphasize the program provided by France’s Ministry of Education and the BC curriculum, while blending English and French language courses that will allow students to graduate as bilingual and bicultural young adults. Our scholars have the opportunity of graduating with French and BC diplomas that will open doors to Upper school in  France, Canada, Europe and beyond.

The four years of Middle School are organized into two Cycles. Grade 6 (Sixième or 6e) is the end of the Cycle 3: it initiates students into the workings of Middle School and ensures continuity of learning from Elementary School. Grades 7, 8 and 9 are the Central Cycle 4 : students deepen their knowledge and know-how; physics- chemistry enters the curriculum; and discussions of professional paths and training start.

Students follow the French Ministry of Education’s mandatory coursework, which is complemented by courses in English for language arts, math and social studies. The program is challenging and requires a real commitment. Coursework can include up to 11 different subjects per year, ranging from art to life sciences. The objective of the French academic program is to ensure that all students have a well-rounded education. This gives them the building blocks to make choices in High School for more advanced studies.