Our Journey :

A group of parents decided in 1997 to create a school offering a different program than anything else available in Vancouver. With the help of the French Embassy in Canada, they created a small school mixing the French and British Columbian curricula with 25 students . They had no idea the French International School of Vancouver would become a popular formula to reach 220 students nowadays, with children from over 30 different nationalities, on a beautiful 6-acre property.

In 2013, an ecological orientation was added to its curriculum and “Cousteau” was added to the name of the school, in tribute to a famous French ocean explorer who became a great advocate for environment protection. This orientation was confirmed by joining the network of Eco-Schools accredited by the Foundation for Environmental Education, and we proudly wave their “green flag” on our mast.  

Why are we unique ?

  • The only France school in Vancouver with a dual curriculum approved by both the British Columbia Ministry of Education and the French Ministry of Education.
  • Bilingual Education (from 17% English in K to 36% in Middle School).
  • Multicultural: over 30 different nationalities!
  • Smaller classes = bigger attention!
  • Eco-School = future eco-responsible citizens

We aim to develop future citizens who are critical thinkers, who have intellectual curiosity and a predilection for initiative and openness. Citizens with enabling them to understand, value, and share the principles of solidarity, respect, and responsibility for everyone and for the environment.

Our bilingual education provides a creative and stimulating environment for this project. The parents, the  staff and the students, together we uphold the values of an international community, respectful of differences, open to the exchange of ideas, languages and cultures.