A bilingual school based on an innovative and ambitious pedagogy of languages. French is the first language of learning, English is gradually introduced through some different subjects. Each teacher teaches in his mother tongue, thus sharing with students his own educational culture.

Our goal is to prepare our students throughout their schooling to fluently speak an additional language and to understand the cultural nuances of another country. Neither the French nor English language will be considered a “foreign language”. To succeed in this multilingual plan, we rely on an adapted pedagogy. We teach in a manner that borrows and builds from both the mother tongue and the language of schooling. All subjects are taught in French. English is also taught, not only as a language, but also in subject areas such as art, geography, and history. This plan involves not only learning language for its own sake, but to use language as a tool to learn about the world through a different lens. Through project work, language is put into action.

A Language Integration Program

We believe that immersion can be ineffective if it is not accompanied, structured, and conducted according to a balanced progression. We dedicate time and resources for children to more comfortably integrate by providing intensive exposure to the target language in an individual structured setting free from stress. We assess each student’s level upon entry to best meet their needs. Then, we implement a language integration program to assist students in their language learning journey by a specialized teacher in French as an Additional Language and English as an Additional Language. This step facilitates language learning and quickly advances the student.

Opting for a bilingual school is an educational opportunity which is stimulating as well as enriching both for the child and the family. Multilingual and multicultural skills developed within our school are invaluable assets for the child’s education and future. Parents who choose our school must fully commit to it. Each parent must consider the soundness of his/her choice as Cousteau implements a demanding curriculum requires strong parental involvement. The following pages aim at helping you make the right decision. It also works as a partnership contract between the school and the parents in order to contribute to the welfare of all our pupils.