Broadcasting of the film Bigger Than Us (2021) and meeting with the director Flore Vasseur

To watch the Grade 6-9 students’ meeting with Flore Vasseur on November 10, 2021, click HERE.

Cousteau: an Eco-citizen school

What is it to be an eco-citizen? What actions are we implementing to act as eco-citizens?

Actions are led in 3 directions:

  1. Waste Management
  2. Protection of biodiversity
  3. Community and Sociability

1. Waste Management

  • No waste and no meat meals (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • World Sustainable Consumption Day (presentation of waste-free, meat-free, locally sourced and organic dishes)
  • Waste management in our school: recycling boxes in all rooms, recycled paper for the printer, waste-free meetings, re-use of scrap paper
  • Installation and maintenance of worm composters
  • Broadcasting of the film Bigger Than Us (2021) and meeting with the director Flore Vasseur

2. Protection of biodiversity

  • Broadcasting of the film Legacy (2021) and meeting with Yann Arthus-Bertrand
  • Broadcasting of the film Home and exhibition on the theme of environmental issues
  • Construction of a vegetable garden, an insect hotel, shelters for wild bees (protection from pollinating insects)
  • Study of the Pacific salmon cycle (breeding and releasing fry in the river)

3. Community and Sociability

  • The library: actions and book collections ecology-oriented
  • Recording of Eco-News programs for Web radio every month
  • Community cleanings: beach and playground area
  • Constitution of an Eco-Code by the students
  • Educational activities in the forest
  • Donation collections (food banks, cancer research)

Our upcoming eco-citizen actions:

  • Compost bin, bear proof
  • New fundraising
  • Nature wall
  • Grain library


Goals :
Organizing activities according to the seasons, talking about climate news (example: COP 26).

Program per term:

  • Term 1: the study, recycling and reuse of waste that goes into the recycling bin
  • Term 2: seeds and plant cultivation
  • Term 3: study of local flora and fauna (native and non-native / arrivals since colonization of Canada)

Actions for the school:
Cleaning the playground, visiting classrooms to check the recycling, developing ecological projects.