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Committed to fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative environment, we inspire the intellectual and personal growth of every student. As a pioneer in bilingual education, we proudly align with the French Ministry of Education standards, providing a rich and diverse learning experience for our students

Grades 1-3 : Cycle 2

Grade 1 is the start for  Cycle 2 : Fundamental Learnings, which spans Kindergarten and Elementary School. Maternelle and Elementary teachers have the same training and, in many cases, have taught both levels. As a result, the transition from Kindergarten to Grade 1 is smooth.

Focus on language learning

During grade 1 students  begin to read in French, English. They are taught to write in cursive (only in French in Grade 1) and to read all written forms. Language skills and oral expression are high priorities. A significant part of every school day is devoted to poetry,  writing, oral language, reading, spelling.  Mastering the  language is one of the two main priorities of Cycle 2. In this Cycle, art, music, science, civics and physical education classes begin, and math, which is the Cycle’s second main priority, is taught formally.

Grades 4-6 : Cycle 3

In Cycle 3: Development, which covers Grades 4, 5, and 6, core academic disciplines become more refined as children study literature, history-geography, experimental science, and technology. Students hone skills in critical thinking and observation, develop a taste for experimentation, enhance their emotional intelligence, and rev up their motor skills and creative imagination in classes ranging from visual art to math.

Focus on academics

The teaching of mathematics is another point of pride and renown for the French educational system. It is a global approach in which students are exposed early to a wide range of mathematical concepts: geometry, addition, subtraction and multiplication, algebra, fractions, the decimal system, etc. In each year of the school, these mathematical concepts are expanded and students’ comprehension deepens. Logic and expression are always prioritized. Calculating the correct answer is not sufficient; a student must explain how the answer was obtained, and why. Logic and the ability to articulate one’s reasoning are emphasized in every grade and field.

Starting in Grade 4, students add a foreign language (Spanish).

At Cousteau School we promote overall development of our students.

Cultivating essential skills is a primary focus at Cousteau School. Our students acquire vital abilities that not only contribute to academic success but also empower them to navigate real-world challenges.

Basic Learning:

We provides a crucial period for foundational learning, laying the groundwork for future academic success by instilling essential skills and knowledge in subjects like mathematics, language arts, and science.

Social Development

Our education supports social development, as students learn to navigate relationships, collaborate with peers, and develop important interpersonal skills that are fundamental for personal growth and success.

Critical Thinking

We introduces critical thinking skills, encouraging students to question, analyze, and evaluate information, fostering a mindset that is essential for problem-solving and decision-making throughout life.

Cultural Exposure

Our students are exposed to a variety of cultures, histories, and perspectives, promoting cultural awareness and understanding to help shape well-rounded individuals in an increasingly diverse world.

Sports & Wellness

At Cousteau School, we emphasizes physical education and wellness, promoting healthy habits and an active lifestyle, contributing to the overall well-being and development of students’ physical and mental health

Love for Learning

Our curriculum plays a crucial role in establishing a love for learning by creating a positive and engaging educational environment, sparking curiosity, and fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Experience Cousteau’s academic excellence and bilingual education

Cousteau offers a unique academic experience through the teaching of a rigorous bilingual education from Pre-K to Grade 9.


Hear what parents have to say about us

I have one grandchild at Cousteau, in their 3rd year at the school. It’s a welcoming environment with rich opportunities for learning. It is a very international community with plenty of local families as well, and has been a wonderful place for my granddaughter!

Lynne Frith

This is the only French school in B.C. (Very different from the French immersion curriculum) and it has a level of teachers and academic standards which is outstanding. It follows the two curriculums (French and Canadian) and it is truly a diverse school. The eco-school aspect is also a core value.

Aulona Noka

Love this school, and am so happy we found it. My child is in their second year of the pre-school, and is thriving. We’ve had an exceptionally kind, creative, and wonderful teacher, and the kids are always doing really cool art, science, and learning projects. The after school activities (Petites Chef, Zumba, Karate, and more) and daycare is great for working parents. My daughter entered Cousteau with zero French (we only speak English at home), and after close to two years, she understands everything, can speak and respond to her teacher in French, and has learned so much! We’ve also found a great community of friends within the school.

Katie Matthews