One of the best clubs programming on the North Shore!

3 good reasons to register your child to our program:

  1. It is convenient! No need to drive your child to the opposite of the city for his/her activities! Professional providers come at our school, and our teachers/educators run activities.
  2. It is a good price! The school negotiates discount rates with the providers. Rates are between $16 and $25 per hour depending on the activity.
  3. It is diversified! You are sure to find nice clubs for your child among our wide selection.

Types of Programs:

  • Sports & movement: soccer, sportball, basketball, karate, yoga, circus
  • Fine Arts: music, theatre, dance, art, film production, poetry
  • STEM : robotics, coding, Brixology, chemistry, aerospace and civil engineering, Entrepreneurs, digital photography, Web radio, Web TV, chess, cooking
  • Language/Arts: Book club, DELF preparation, Study club, before and after-school care
  • Ecology program

Find out what programs are available for our students:

2023-2024 Term 1 (Sep-Dec 2023)

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