The goal of our school in reference to the French civic educational programs is to combine the formation of future citizens with critical thinkers. Students become aware of their environment, enabling them to understand, value, and share the principles of solidarity, respect, and responsibility.

Moreover, we teach children about rights and regulations. Collaboratively, we create classroom and school rules and help them understand how these values are embodied in a democratic society. Each class has a representative, who shares the responsibility of the students during each school council.

Education for Sustainability

Eco-School Green Flag Award by the FEE

Because of the urgent need for citizens to understand the concepts of sustainability, Education for Sustainability has become a strong focus for Cousteau. Our aim is to engage all our students  in the Eco School Project.

We ensure young people have power to be the change for sustainability that our world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated and socially responsible learning. Our projects focus on actions – and embedding transformative thinking into everyday life and communities.

We are the first school in Western Canada to be a part of the Eco School Network by the Foundation of Environmental Education. (