Who can register?

Families from all linguistic backgrounds are welcome to attend Cousteau school

  • If you don’t speak French at home, you are not alone: approximately 70% of the school students do not speak French at home.
  • Small class sizes enhance communication between teachers and parents.
  • After classes, students can stay for Study club (Grade 2 to 4) or Perm’Études (Grade 5 to 7) to do their homework under the supervision of French or English speaking teachers.
  • The school has a French as a Second Language teacher who helps non French speaking students in learning French.

Preschool children do not need any previous knowledge of French to be accepted, but they must be toilet trained.

Kindergarten children might have to take a placement test if they have no knowledge of French.

Elementary students coming from a school following the France curriculum (AEFE or accredited by the French Ministry of Education) can be registered directly at Cousteau upon submission of their 2 previous report cards (photocopies) and subject to available place in the requested grade. Students coming from a French Immersion school or a French-speaking school in Canada might have a placement test. Placement tests are standard exams that challenge a student’s ability in Math, French and English, in a 90-minute test. Students from an English-speaking school can not be admitted with no knowledge of French in our Elementary or College classrooms.

Our goal is to ensure that our program meets the needs of the child, and to determine whether he should participate in the integration program for non-francophone or non-anglophone children (details of our pedagogy of languages here).

Registration & Tests

To register your child:

  1. Please send us the application form for new student completed and signed:
  2. Fees of $150 are applicable for this step, the form will be reviewed by the Principal.
  3. If your child is not currently enrolled in a French-speaking school, please contact our Admissions department by e-mail or by phone (604) 924-2457
    You will be offered a meeting with us.
  4. Registration becomes final once the admission fee is paid, as well as a deposit for tuition fees, and an enrollment contract filled online.