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Listen to the podcasts recorded by our students!

Theme: Week of the Press 2019 /Semaine de la presse 2019

Semaine de la presse: 

“Vérifier une information” from Radio Cousteau by CM1. Released: 2019. Genre: Webradio.

Theme: Social Media

Les Réseaux Sociaux 

“Les réseaux sociaux” from Radio Cousteau by Ihsan, Maelle et Seden. Released: 2018. Genre: Webradio.

Les Réseaux Sociaux 2

“Generique” from Gaelen et Lowell by Radio Cousteau. Released: 2018.

Les Réseaux Sociaux 3

“Generique” from Reseaux sociaux by Radio Cousteau. Released: 2018.

Theme: Les métiers/Careers

NEW! Interview with Lewis Trondheim & Brigitte Findakly, comic book authors

Interview with Philippe Sutter, Consul General of France in Vancouver

Par Amaée, Grégoire et Gaëlen

Interview with Darcy Rota, former hockey player of the Vancouver Canucks

Many students dream of a sporting career someday… Meeting Darcy Rota, a former Vancouver professional hockey player, this Thursday, March 15th was a great experience! Adam, Maxence and Sebastian asked him some questions, surrounded by the whole Grade 7 class. This interview will remain in our memories. Thanks to Darcy Rota for his generosity and encouragement!

NEW! Interview with Jean-Michel Geneste, Archaeologist

Interview with Patricia Rohlfs, Maternity midwife

In Middle-school, thinking about our future is a priority! On March 16th, students had the opportunity to discuss the Maternity midwifery profession with Patricia Rohlfs who practices in Vancouver. Sarah, Oie Wah and Massaï are at the microphone!

Interview with Mr. Roland Lescure, member of Parliament for the French living in North America

On Friday, March 16th, Mr. Roland Lescure, member of Parliament for the French living in North America, was visiting Cousteau! Anatole, Bruno and Lilia, surrounded by middle-school classes, asked him some questions about the job of member of Parliament. A very interesting interview!

Theme: La semaine de l’environnement

Les saumons, Preschool Y2

Les saumons, with Alexandre, Majidah & Caris, Grade 3

Les abeilles, with Jude, Vladislav & Massima, Grade 2

Les abeilles, with Preschool Y2

Intervenante sur les abeilles, with Neve, Oie Wah & Lowell, Grade 6 & 7

Le recyclage du papier, with Rémy, Dara & Artémus, Preschool Y1

Le recyclage du papier, with Grade 1

Theme: Le printemps des poètes

Le moqueur moqué

L’innocent du village, Poem read by Michelle & Naïa, Grade 5

Mon copain, Poem read by Dalisaï, Grade 3

La maison de mes rêves, Poem read by Mayeul, Grade 4

Magma, Poem read by Xavier, Grade 4

Les chiens, Poem read by Maya, Grade 4

Les bonbons étranges, Poem read by Arthur, Grade 4

Le printemps, Poem read by Anaïs, Audrey & Maya, Preschool Y2

Mon corps, Poem read by Joan, Preschool Y2

Dragon, Poem read by Grade 1

Dans mon pays, Poem by Tahar Ben Jelloun, read by Grade 1

Les animaux du musée, Poem read by Grade 1

La fourmi, Poem by Robert Desnos, read by Theoni, Cabiria &  Sahara, Grade 2

La mer, Poem by Paul Fort, read by Erika & Asha, Grade 1

Theme: Yukon Quest

With Lilia, Grade 7

With Adam & Grégoire, Gr.6/Gr.7