We are looking for parents to fill the PAC Executive positions for 2019-2020 school year.  Position descriptions are below. If you are interested in running for a position or would like to nominate someone, please contact us at [email protected].



    • be the official spokesperson for the PAC;
    • liaise with the school administration;
    • ensure the PAC activities are aimed at achieving the objectives and purposes of the PAC and the School;
    • uphold the constitution, bylaws and meeting rules;
    • in consultation with the Executive and administration, ensure that an agenda is prepared and presented at each meeting;
    • preside at all monthly and Executive meetings;
    • be a signing officer; and


    • assist and support the Chairperson in the performance of his/her duties;
    • assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson in her or his absence;
    • take the interim role of the Chairperson if she or he resigns or is removed from office until the next election; and
    • be a signing officer (optional).


    • be one of the signing officers;
    • maintain proper, accurate and up-to-date financial records and books of all PAC accounts;
    • in partnership with the Chair, draft a budget and project tentative plans for fundraising, events and expenditures;
    • deposit all funds collected on behalf of the School in an account at a recognized financial institution approved by the PAC;
    • disburse funds as authorized by the Chair and signing officers;
    • be ready to report on finances (all receipts and disbursements) at monthly and Executive meetings when necessary;
    • submit an annual financial summary at the AGM;
    • submit a final annual financial summary in September for the previous school year;
    • ensure that another signing officer has access to the financial records and books of accounts in the event of the Treasurer’s absence;
    • make financial records and books of account available to members upon request;
    • have the financial records and books of account ready for inspection or audit annually (if required);
    • establish and maintain a separate ‘PAC Gaming Account’ for receipt and disbursement of all gaming funds, in accordance with BC regulatory requirements; (if applicable) and
    • submit an annual “Gaming Account Summary Report” or other reports as required by the BC regulatory authorities (if applicable).


    • circulate attendance sheets during meetings that includes name and email address of attendees;
    • provide written minutes from the previous meeting for adoption; once approved ensure for the current year that they are easily accessible to all members of the school (i.e., school website);
    • maintain a record of the full name, residence address and email address of the members of the PAC who attend meetings, the date on which the person is admitted as a member and the date on which the person ceases to be a member;
    • keep an accurate and up-to-date copy of the Constitution and Bylaws and have copies available for members upon request;
    • keep updated the PAC binder containing the constitution, the by-laws, the procedure sheets, the meetings’ minutes as well as any document that might be useful to be transmitted to the following executive committee; and
    • be a signing officer (optional).